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Updated: Jan 6

What I Wish I Had Known About Elopements 2020 pushed all wedding professionals and wedding planning couples into a frenzy. The go-to big weddings were no longer an option due to COVID and restrictions. But then small weddings and elopements were brought to the spotlight. The ability to have a wedding centered around the bride and groom in the most beautiful ways. All I can think about is how much I wish I could go back to 2008 when I was planning my own wedding and be able to explain the excitement, intimacy and adventure the elopements can showcase!

My Wedding Planning Reality In 2008 I was planning my wedding, and the word elopement was not even in my vocabulary. My only wedding experience was that people got married in churches and invited everyone they knew. But I really wanted to get married at my father-in-law's house. He has the most gorgeous creek flowing through his backyard, with a handmade bridge and gazebo. But in order to pull that off, we would not been able to invite all our extended friends and family, which was a foreign concept to this 19-year-old. I was totally overwhelmed with wedding plans, seeing as how I had never even attend a ceremony myself. And since Instagram and Pintrest didn't exist, I had to go by what everyone else told me what a wedding should look like, and I wish I had only knew eloping in North Carolina was an option. An option to have a location that inspired our love and that had a special place in our heart. An option to have a ceremony with just the most special people in our life. An elopement would have been the perfect remedy to what we desired.

3 Reasons to Consider an Elopement 1. They're intimate and romantic! Focusing on only the parts of a wedding and ceremony that makes sense to you and your partner! Making opportunities to allow for adventures, photographs anywhere and your favorite foods!

2. They can be held in ANY inspiring location! Living in such a beautiful state that has both mountains and beaches in just a few short hours apart, the possibilities are endless!

3. You can have your special people attend! Most people like to keep their guest list to under 25 people, especially because of COVID restrictions! But another reason is that most state parks or national parks have a cap on how many people your permit will allow for a special event.

Elopements are Romantic One could argue that elopements are more romantic because it's less about planning for guests, and more about the reason why there is a ceremony to begin with. Whether the location you decide on is a mountain side, in downtown or beside a family-owned creek, find a spot that you love, and of course what will be an amazing background for memorable pictures for a lifetime! Elopements have become one of my favorite things to photograph, and for good reason! If the idea of eloping intrigues you, or you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out! Contact me today and let's plan your dream elopement!


Twinkle with Nickle Photography here! A North Carolina based photographer who loves to travel! Our name Nickle comes from combining my name (Twinkle) with my husband’s (Nick). It's become our couple nickname! We hope to make this more of a tag team business as it grows, but for now, I’m the face behind the camera and editing screen. We also have 3 crazy, but beautiful kids! And 5 makes a Nickle, right?! Thrift stores and traveling with my hubby makes my heart so happy, but so does sipping a Diet Dr Pepper and binge watching TV shows! I feed off of energetic couples who are down for some fun photos! So bring on the adventure seekers, the rain boots, umbrellas, hand warmers, heavy jackets and hiking boots! And lets go, because I'm here for the beauty this world has to offer us! Contact me to schedule your dream elopement today!

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